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For the 2022-2023 school year the Foundation was able to fund grants totaling more than $27,109.51.  29 teachers representing eight schools in the division received grants. We are proud of our county teachers and the innovative and creative ideas they presented to the foundation for grant considerations. 


Grants Awarded 2022Total $27,109.51

Smithfield Middle School Total: $1,100.93

  • Leslie Hamrick $554.77 "Promoting an inviting library"

  • Megan Andrea $546.16 "Favorite Endangered Animal"


Westside Elementary School Total: $5,935.32

  • Erin Jewett $700 Math Games for the Win

  • Jessica Winkley $300 March Book Madness

  • Stella Bradshaw $600 soccer goals

  • Erica Newcomb $1,700 Lego Coding

  • Karen Pryor $1,735.32 Eagle Rockets

  • Jade Jones $900 Flexible Seating and Sensory items


Windsor Elementary School Total: $4,417.90

  • Amy Carr $1,100 Wobble While you work

  • Rebecca Smith $1,000 Watershed Exploration

  • Jackie Stephenson $556.26 Buckets of Veggies

  • Kelly Snelling $1,499.95 Closing Gaps with Versatiles

  • Ashley Brock 261.69 running and rounding


Smithfield High School Total: $2,250

  • Ethan Swartz JROTC Stop The Bleed $1,000

  • Jill Gwaltney Virtual Reality in Classroom $1,250

Hardy Elementary School Total: $3,140.56

  • M. Bradley Inspiring the Creators of Tomorrow $950

  • Heather Stafford Safety First $891.56

  • Rebecca Martin Meesner Art for All $99

  • Richard Winfried Free Group Piano lessons $1,200


Carrsville Elementary School Total: $1,264.63

  • Kristy Vaughn Exploring Weather $1264.63

Carrollton Elementary School Total: $9,000.17

  • Jenna Davenport Increasing Student Engagement through Adaptive Daily living supports $950

  • Jennifer Haslip Learning through Cooperative Play $850

  • Kasey Bryant guidance $1,786.59

  • Diana Gasparini 2D and 3D Art Exploration $918.50

  • Angie Wallace music library $595.08

  • Christina Baker Fun with decodables $1100

  • Carrie Grace Morgan Decodables for Days $1100

  • Tammie Oparaji Reading one book at a time $1100

  • Amyaa Fraas Bilingual Library $600

View previous years grants in action

Submission Guidelines
  • All grants must be submitted annually.

  • Identical grants may only be funded for three consecutive years.

  • Grants are only awarded if funding is not available through capital, department, or technology plan budgets.

  • Grants are not funded for field trips or any other student transportation.

  • If your proposal is approved, you will be required to submit a grant summary and photographs of your grant in action by May 30, 2023.  Failure to submit photographs can preclude additional funding.

  • All items purchased with grant funds awarded by the Education Foundation shall remain property of Isle of Wight County Schools and not that of the grant recipient.

  • More specifically, any and all items purchased with grant funds awarded by the Education Foundation shall remain the property of the school to which the grant award check is made payable, as documented by the items’ addition to the school inventory.

  • Additional computers or other equipment necessary for the grant project must be funded by the school.

  • Any funding awarded must be used by May 1 unless otherwise approved by the Foundation.

  • Money not used by the end of the current school year shall be returned to the Foundation.

  • All grant submissions must request exact dollar totals in their budgets.

  • The Education Foundation reserves the right to require a revised budget submission should quotes exceed normal expectations.

  • Please do not use sale prices in your grant application.  These costs may vary from when you submit the application and when the items are purchased.

  • Teachers may submit a maximum of 1 grant application for the 2022-2023 school year.

Link to Grant Application:

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